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Effortless Books

Effortless Books

A study on Daoist philosophy and its application to the creative process Format: Softback stab bound
Pages: 62
Country: UK
Released: 2024
Genre: Eastern Philosophy, Creativity, Book Arts

In this publication, I delve into the rich philosophy of Daoism, particularly the concept of 'wu wei,' often likened to the modern notion of 'Flow,' and its profound implications for the creative process involved in bookmaking—writing, designing, and crafting.

My dissertation-turned-publication aims to demystify the core tenets of Daoism, rendering them accessible for contemporary Western audiences and demonstrating their relevance to creative endeavors. In a world increasingly disconnected from nature, Daoist principles offer a path to simplicity and harmony. By unraveling these ancient teachings and applying them to my own artistic practice, I offer insights and techniques to enhance the creative journey for readers.

Through thoughtful analysis and introspection, I illuminate how embracing the rhythms of nature and embodying the principles of wu wei can not only enrich the external world but also deepen our understanding of our inner selves. Join me on a journey of exploration and discovery, where the wisdom of the Dao becomes a guiding light for unleashing creativity and finding balance in our lives.