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In the garden of words
Even if rain comes not
I will stay here 
With you
The girl,
born from bamboo

Tear drops in a river
Mean nothing to the heron

Wind blows one moment
Across the stream
I’m laughing the next


these water grabbers]
see the fingers fail
to cling

            he simply



i move in a way
that cannot be displayed
with noises
that leave your head

i drift and ride
on the breath
of a dragon’s tongue

the kids feet patter on the oak floor
shrouded in laughter
while he refuses
to loosen his laces

but slowly
he removes the bag
takes off the gloves
dives from the soil
and into the lake

naked and afraid


The ache in his heart
A weight of a thousand tickets
The green volume returns
Navigating the sea
With nothing but wind
Let the way lead home


The quiet void
listens too

a childhood
beyond the stars


what is