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Reaching Heartwood: A journey within

Embark on a personal voyage captured within the pages of "Reaching Heartwood." Over two transformative years, the author delves deep into introspection, returning to the essence of their being. This narrative chronicles the highs and lows of grappling with identity, embracing neurodiversity, and seeking purpose.

Through scribbled reflections in a journal, the author takes a daring leap, sharing insights with the world. The book serves as a beacon for those navigating through uncertainty, reminding them they're not alone in life's turbulence. Primarily a testament to self-discovery, it offers solace in times of turmoil, guiding the author and readers alike heartward.

In this compelling tale, the author unravels the profound truth: the answers we seek reside within ourselves.

Format: Perfect Bound Book
Duration: 280 pages
Country: UK
Released: 2023
Genre: Self-Discovery Prose