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Stolen Property 01


A collection of ‘Stolen Property’
Format: Hardback perfect bound
Pages: 300
Country: UK
Released: 2022
Genre: Design, Inspiration
This publication is the result of three months of meticulous collection, documenting everything that an artist consumed during that period. Inspired by the Wunderkammer, a popular form of collecting and display in the Renaissance era, this project seeks to showcase the beauty and wonder of the world through a modern lens. By collecting and presenting the diverse range of artistic influences that shaped the artist's creative process, it offers readers a chance to explore and appreciate the vast array of ideas and experiences that can inform and inspire one's work. Ranging from books and films to podcasts and more, this publication provides a unique and fascinating window into the artist's mind, telling a captivating story that is even more compelling than his own work. Ultimately, this project serves as a powerful testament to the importance of creative inspiration and the value of self-reflection in one's artistic journey.